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Award Winners

Buckhead Baseball Awards


After the death of Frankie Allen in 1979, the umpires of Buckhead Baseball wanted to create a memorial in his honor. Of all the disciplines of baseball that were important to Mr. Allen, sportsmanship was by far the most important. In 1980, the umpires first presented “The Frankie Allen Sportsmanship Award”. Over the years this award has grown to be a very special award given to a 12 year old whose conduct exemplifies the standards of sportsmanship to which our league aspires. Each major league coach nominates a player from his team and then the major league umpires vote on the award winner. 

The Frankie Allen Sportsmanship winner is announced at the Major League tournament. At the next year’s Opening Day, the winner is introduced and presented with a plaque. Our records are incomplete, so if you are able to help us identify those missing from the list, please let us know.

Frankie Allen Sportsmanship Award Winners:

2023 - Gus Federico
2022 - Candler Dunlap/Carter Potts
2021 - Bobby Bastek
2019 - Henry Deriso
2018 - Henry Levenson/Manny Pargman
2017 - Anderson Beavor/Mac Perno
2016 - Max Pargman
2015 - Gray Schneider
2014 - Jennings McGill
2013 - David Shepherd
2012 - Cole Einbender
2011 - Will Roberts
2010 - Benton Wood
2009 - John Livaditis
2008 - Jordan Pakula
2007 - Miles Sheft
2006 - Andrew George
2005 - Duncan McColl
2004 - Conor Welton
2003 - Penn Davenport
2002 - Will Miller
2001 - Nelson Abels
2000 - Andrew McCown
1999 - Jordan Hammond
1998 - Patrick Henderson
1997 - Wat Bryant
1996 - Dakin Spain
1995 - Gene Hooff
1994 - Wade Morris
1993 - Ryan Quillian
1992 - Jeff Westerlund
1991 - Charley King
1990 - Charles Wilson
1989 - Edward Tate
1988 - John Hocott
1987 - Walker Young
1986 - Lee Mitchell
1985 - Michael Wildstein
1984 - Greg DeMente
1983 - Ross Dedeyn
1982 - David Barber
1981 - Chris Witte
1980 - Steven Frank


Ryan Means played at Buckhead Baseball from TeeBall through the Majors in the 1980s. He was a young man with an abundance of positive energy and talent, who, in every facet of his life, always helped his teammates perform better. His love of service led him to enlist in the U.S. Army at age 31 after the tragedy of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 took the life of his best friend Adam White. While serving his country in Iraq in 2009, he developed cancer of the bile duct and passed away on July 7th, 2009 following complications from surgery to remove the tumor.

In 2012, in honor of Ryan’s life and spirit, an anonymous donor established The Ryan Means Teammate Award and The Means Scholarship Fund.

Ryan Means Teammate Award

The Ryan Means Teammate Award will be voted on by all of the graduating Majors players at Buckhead Baseball and will be selected from the pool of those players. Each graduating Majors player will be asked to select which player over his or her many years at Buckhead Baseball was the best teammate based on the following qualities:
- Always had a positive attitude
- Supported all of his or her teammates regardless of skill level
- Helped you and helped the team play its best

Ryan Means Teammate Award Winners:

2023 - John Brennan
2022 - Luke Gingrey
2021 - Blair Ferguson
2019 - Jack Mallard
2018 - Manny Pargman
2017 - Storey Abernathy/Sims DeLong
2016 - Callum Hendry
2015 - Paul Flor
2014 - Turner Trapnell
2013 - Syd Pargman
2012 - Drayton Foster

The Means Scholarship Fund

The Means Scholarship Fund was established to fund scholarships for players that otherwise could not afford to play at Buckhead Baseball. All applicants for scholarships are kept confidential and are managed by a member of the Board of Directors. The recipients of the Scholarships are separate from the Award winner, who does not automatically receive a scholarship.


Named in honor of Jamie Kerr and Donal Ratigan, two long-time managers in the AAA league, this award recognizes a returning player who shows a dedication to baseball, including a positive attitude and a desire to improve, as well as demonstrating sportsmanship and being a good teammate. Following the regular season, qualifying players may be nominated by their managers followed by a vote by the AAA coaching staffs, bearing in mind the two things a player can control: attitude and effort. The winner of the Kerr-Ratigan Award is presented with a plaque during the semi-finals of the AAA League tournament and introduced at Opening Day the following spring.

Kerr-Ratigan Award Winners:

2023 - Jay Mudd


The Spirit of Buckhead Award exemplifies the contribution of volunteers supporting our youth through sports. These "Super Volunteers" are recognized because they have given to Buckhead Baseball in many areas, far above and beyond the call of duty. Our records are incomplete, so if you are able to help us identify those missing from the list, please let us know.

Spirit of Buckhead Award Winners:

2012 - Amy Wheelus
2008 - Gene Warren
2006 - Amy Wheelus
2004 - Scott Hanson
2003 - Cynthia Coleman
2001 - David Brown